March 24, 2014

Slow cooker Chicken in Tomato sauce & Orange lentil salad

Prep Time Cook Time Total Time Serves
10 min 8 hours 8hours 10 min 2


Slow cooker chicken:
300g chicken breats
4 big tomatoes - chopped
1 tea spoon of Madras sauce
Salt & Pepper

Lentil salad:
1 cup of Orange lentil
1/4 cup Parsley - chopped
3 table spoons of Onion - chopped
3 table spoons of Avocado oil
1 table spoon of Lemon juice


  1. Place chicken brest to the Slow Cooker (what is it?) , topped with tomatoes, Madras sauce and add two cups of water (chicken must be under the water). 
  2. Set Slow Cooker to LOW for 8 hours

Lentil salad:
  1. Rinse the orange lentils in a fine mesh strainer until the water drains clear. Orange lentil is not necceseary to soak for hours... Transfer the lentils to a saucepan. Add twice as much cold water or stock as lentils to the saucepan. Set the heat to high and bring the liquid to a simmer. As soon as the liquid starts simmering, lower the heat so it barely bubbles and cook another 3 minutes. Remove liquid and let lentil cool. 
  2. In another saucepan heat avocado oil and fried onions. 
  3. In large bowl combinate lentils, onions, parsley, lemon juice and oil from the sauce pan (when you fried onions before). Add salt and pepper by your taste.
Slow Cooker will make your food much more easier, becase you can do anything else - like go for a walk in meantime... or you can cook your dinner while you are in work. So when you arrived home, your dinner is ready :-) I love slow cooker a lot. Use it for at least 4 times a week.

Do you know Slow Cookers? Love them? Do you want more recipes for Slow Cooker?

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