March 19, 2014

Snack idea - Veggie & Hummus

I love to combinate carbs with protein in my snacks, so here is one of my favorite snacks.

Fresh veggie - here you can see cucumber & carrots, but you can choose any vegetable you like. Great choise are peppers or tomato too.

And then just a basic hummus. I preapare my here with parsley to get extra flavor. 

Veggie is great option anytime. Give you great ammount of fiber, which keeps you fuller for longer time. Also great source of water to hydrate your body much more...

In hummus you can find healty fat (olive oil) and plant based protein (chickpeas).

And this kind of snack you can easily pack to go with you... Which is great in hurry days. 

I think you can see, that it's just perfect combination for snacking... :)

What is your favorite snack idea.. healty but also yummy?

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