October 17, 2014

No Bun Hamburger? Problem solved!

Are you Paleo eater? And do you love burgers? I love burgers so much! Ok - how to solve problem with a bun?

Sure - you can bake some special paleo version /I'm currently making some ideas for you guys, but it's still in progress/ or you can use any type of veggie like Eggplant:

Today I experiment with Eggplant. Slice them - about 0,5 inch each slice and then grill them on coconut oil - 2-3 minutes every side.

Don't forgot to salt them and let them set - about 20 minutes on paper towel - before you grill them. This helps eggplant to remove all water and they will not be bitter after grilling.

I enjoy them a lot - definetely great to pair with chedar /not Paleo I know/ and chilli sauce. Yummy!

What is your favorite combo?

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