November 9, 2014

MHP - Paleo Protein review

Hi guys, I have to share with you my favorite protein powder, which I love right now.

When I start eating Paleo, all my protein powders go off the game in a minute. All of them was from soy, diary or any kind of shity ingredients. Full of crap. I start to looking for another one.... paleo friendly.

And I find this one. No, I'm not protein powder eater anymore -of course I prefer real food. But sometimes you need to have some fast and easy option with you.. you know... And this is where this baby comes to the stage.

It's from Beef and Egg Whites... and they have two flawors. Triple chocolate and Almond Vanilla. I didn't try Vanilla yet, but Chocolate one it great! If you are choloholic like I am... you would love it.

I use it for shakes of course, but also for pancakes or any kind of baking stuff. It's great amazing taste without any wierd undertaste... , perfect for baking as well.

You can buy them online on: for 54,99$ and it's 2lbs. (921g)

This is not sponsorred reveiw - I just want to share with you my personal experience. I really love it and I hope this will be good for you as well.

Please share in comments bellow your favorite paleo friendly proteins.. I'm open to try another one by your recommendation....

Have a great day, guys!

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