November 24, 2014

Slow Cooker - is it worthy?

Hi guys, I have for you today Slow Cooker oriented post...

Slow Cookers become popular few years ago. Usually for busy women who need to fed their families. Another big boom started with Paleo diet. Since this is great tool for Paleo eaters, I would like to cover frequently asked questions here.


How it works?
Slow Cooker is electronical pot with thermostat, which cooks on lower temperatures in the 79–93 °C (175–200 °F) range, but much longer time period then traditional cooking methods. Usually from 8-16 hours. Food is simmered all the time. This can prevent overcooking and also safe vitamins.

Which type of Slow Cooker I should buy?
There are plenty of types now. You can choose size and functions.
I had one “standard” size few years ago. (No other sizes exist that time). Its same size like this one you can check on official site today (click here). For 2 people it’s quite big. You get about 6 -8 portions from one batch. Well I prefer smaller version now – since we are still only two at home. So now I have this one (click here). It’s only 12.99 $ now (at the time I write this post).
I also have version without timer and without “keep warm” function. And I have no issue with it. I buy simple mechanical timer from IKEA (about 2$) and it works well.

Where to buy?
Check official site for great deals (click here), or you can find them on Amazon as well (click here).

How to use it?
Using is very simple. Put your food inside, add water and turn on. Done. Everything else is on Slow Cooker. No need to stir (actually you should NOT open it at all during the cooking process). No need to check it. You can even leave your home during cooking process.

Is it worthy?
Yes! Definitely! You save your time – since it’s not necessary to check your meal every x minutes… you even can be out (at work for example) and your meal is safety prepared. When you arrive home, your dinner is ready to serve!
Also you will safe your money! You can buy cheaper cuts of meat now, because cheaper cuts of meat with connective tissue and lean muscle fibre are suitable for stewing, and tastier than stews using expensive cuts, as long slow cooking will soften the connective tissue without toughening the muscle. Slow cooking leaves the gelatinized tissue in the meat, so that it may be advantageous to start with a richer liquid.

I think its great tool and you need it in your life. You can buy them really cheap in those days, so why to wait? :-)

If you have any other questions, please let me know in the comments section below.

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