January 5, 2015

Book review: every last crumb by Brittany Angell

I have for you very special review today! I was waiting for this book so long.... and then mailman finaly bring it to me... yay! I was screaming... really :-)

It's amazin Paleo cookbook from Brittany Angell, you might know her from site: http://brittanyangell.com/

Maybe you are member of her clubAngell (I'm and I can highly recommend it to you).

She did amazing job with this book! I mean everything about this book is gorgeous! I loooove black design (well done here). Incredible photos for every recipe! Amazing foreword with tips and tricks for easy Paleo baking...

OMG! This book was really missed on the market! (Tweet it)

First recipe I tried was those hamburger buns - you might see pictures on my Instagram few days ago.

Then I try bread... it's like the hardest baking stuff in Paleo... and this one is super easy! A few ingredients and fast preparation.

Incredible pictures, huh?


Can you believe, that it's PALEO????


You can buy it on Amazon: www.amazon.com/dp/B00QQWGZ00 23.21$ for paperback or 9.99$ for Kindle version.

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