January 11, 2015

Book Review: Master Your Metabolism by Jillian Michaels

I was waiting for this book to be released so long. I pre-order it in the first moment, when it was possible. Then waiting and waiting for release date...

It was too long and and completely forgot about it.. this xmas I got new Kindle Voyage and when I register it, I go to the Amazon Kindle Cloud to download my books to the new device. And.... yes! I find this book. OMG - I didn't read it yet????? 

I immediately jump into the book and read it in a 5 days /evening basically/.


I read every single book from Jillian. Every one! But I have to tell, this one is different! I feel like.. I don't know... like that Jillian grow up. She is still that strong couch, but on the other side, she is humble, confident, calm... She even tell us her mistakes, her secrets...

But let's talk about book.... It's shocking! I mean seriously man! How much we are affected by every single step in our lifes. What we eat, in which containers we store our food, what we drink, how we live... it's crazy! 

She is going thru every aspect of our lives to tell us how we can protect ourselfs from crap. Sure, processed food - it's not a secret, that it's not good for us at all. We all know it. But it's just a one small point of her book!

I can highly recommend it to everyone, who want to live better, healthier life! (Tweet it)

It's not only for novice. It's literaly for everyone, even if you are in healthy lifestyle longer time (like I'm) you still can get so much value by reading this book!

Well done, Jillian! 

You can buy this book on Amazon for 11.13$ (paperback) or 10.57$ (kindle version).


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