February 13, 2015

How to Adapt Paleo - new ebook!

Hi guys, I have for you great news. I finally finished my new ebook How To Adapt Paleo to your lifestyle:


Kindle Unlimited and Amazon Prime members can read this book for FREE!

Do you want to start with Paleo lifestyle? Are you scared what you need to know?

Don't worry I prepare for you easy to follow guide. I will show you:

1. What is Paleo
  • What to Eat and What to Avoid
2. How to Start with Paleo 
  • Think different
  • Cleanse challenge
  • Clean your home
3. How to Shop Paleo
  • When to shop
  • How to shop
  • Choose organic
4. How to Cook Paleo
  • Change your habits
  • Love leftovers
  • Lunches to go
  • Slow cooker - your best friend
  • Baking
5. How to Deal with Eating Out
6. How to Tell Your Friends about Paleo
And the best part.... $2.99 only!!

1 comment:

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